Pengerang Battery (Johor, Malaysia)

The is a concrete water tank tower located less than 20-30 metres aways from the courtyard. The tower is at least 2 storey high, perhaps to prevent the drinking water from being sabotaged by others. There is a ladder leading to the top of the water tank but the bottom half is already broken.

The biggest building in the battery is most probably the soldier barrack. It is one storey high with wide corridor, tall ceiling and ventilation slits at the top. There are two bath rooms and a small kitchen at the corner of the room. The building has a strong colonial feel and its architecture looks similar to those old British barracks in Seletar Camp, Neen Soon Camp, and Changi Road. Due to the size of building and the surrounding dense vegetation, I am unable to capture the whole building in one single photograph. Inside the bunker, long tree roots coil in and out through the windows and ventilation slits as if nature is claiming back what used to be its territory. There are many graffiti on the walls some even dated back to the seventies. There are also some pornographic sketches which are probably the only drawings I saw in the battery.

The above picture show a room dug into the side of the hill slope. There is only one door with no other windows or openings. The door is partially sealed up with a concrete slab. It doesn’t seems to be an ammunition store as it not large enough to store much ammunition. Who knows, it might be a solitary confinement barrack.

According to online resource the battery has a underground engine room. The above photo show a underground vertical shaft which might serve as the entrance or exit to the underground engine room. Other than this exposed shaft,  there are also well concealed  cylindrical shafts in the nearby areas. These are most probably ventilation shaft to provide fresh air into the tunnel.

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