Mount Rinjani

Day 5 – Back to civilization

Today, we would be trekking out of the crater to Plawangan 1 (crater rim 1) and then all the way down the Rinjani Trek Center in  Senaru.  We met two groups of singaporean couples where were also camping by the lake side. We took a group photo together and exchanged contacts. Coincidentally, today was also the Singapore National Day. One of the couples split the return journey (from lake to Senaru) into two days by spending an additional night on crater rim 1.

We set off around 730 am and  reached the rim just before noon. At the rim, we found ourselves to be above the clouds again. we took a short break at the rim, after which we trekked downwards for an hour plus to our lunch place at POS3 (Mondokon Lola).  Our last meal for the trek was gado-gado with rice (an Indonesian salad consisting of boiled vegetables served with a peanut sauce dressing). Gado-gado was an easy and convenient dish for the cook to whip up – as he just needed to jumble up and serve with all the remaining vegetables.

We set off from Pos 3 at around 240 pm and reached POS2 (Montong Satas) around 410 pm. Between Pos 2 and Pos 1 was another checkpoint called Pos Extra which was not shown on most map. We reached  Pos Extra  at around 450 pm and Pos 1 around 530 pm. From Pos 1, it was another 20 mins trek to the main entrance of the national park. It was not the end yet. To reach our end point – Rinjani Trek Center – we had to trek for a further 50 mins through a banana plantation. We reached the center just before  6pm.

There was one bathing room at Rinjani Trek Center where we took turns to wash-up. We gave our tips to the porters and had a group photo with them. We boarded the agency bus for a two hours plus ride to Senggigi. We reached Senggigi at around 10pm and had a grilled seafood dinner at Restaurant Rembulan located along Jalan Raya Senggigi. By the time we finished dinner and checked into our hotel it was already 1130 pm.

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