Mount Rinjani

Day 4 – To the Lake

After a breakfast of pancakes, we retreated back to our tents to catch up some lost sleep. It was not easy to fall asleep inside the warm tent but we still managed to doze off here and there. We woke up for for lunch (dried noodles with eggs and Coke) and started packing for the downward journey to the lake. A group of long tailed gray macaques appeared out of no where to feast on the food scraps around. Some of them were chewing on discarded plastic bags which made me feel guilty for being a member of the human race. Even though they looked fierce, they were not as aggressive as their counterparts in MacRitchie Reservoir; at least they didn’t run after us for food.

We set off at around 2pm and reached the lake around 530 pm. It was quite an easy trek for the ground was hard and not sandy like the summit trail. However this trail was the most disgusting among all. There were human faeces and used toilet paper everywhere. As a blessing in disguise, the faeces unlike cow dungs were always at least a few inches away from the edge of the trail so the likelihood of stepping on them was not high. This was one area in which the park authority did not manage well (tissue papers are not readily biodegradable). Guides should provide small shovels for trekkers to dig their own pits if the need arises during the hike.

We set up our tents by the side of the lake. There was a hot spring nearby. We changed into our swim wears inside our tents and wore a set of warm clothings (for it was getting cold) over them. We then walked for 15 mins via some narrow pathway from our campsite to the hotspring. The hotspring which was around the plunge pool area of a waterfall was quite big and impressive. Furthermore, the area was pretty clean and not crowded (perhaps because we went there quite late). We even bathed inside the hot spring with shampoo and shower foam (sorry for not being environmental friendly).

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