Mount Ophir

The summit consists of two open fields connected by a narrow ridge. The summit plaque is on open field #1. From the summit, Melaka town and the Straits of Melaka are visible on a clear day. For the descent, we followed the same route where we came (i.e. we skipped the KFC section). We took about 4 hrs to reach back the mountain base.

The above photo was taken during one of my earlier trip to Ophir whereby we descended from the mountain via KFC. This photo does not really show the steepness of the slope (easily more than 50 degree inclination). The two ladies were descending down a gigantic slab of rock that was more than 3 story high.

There are some waterfalls in the nature reserve. One of the better ones is Puteri Fall (named after a legendary Princess) loacted a few hundreds metres from the Gunung Ledang Resort (located a few km from the park HQ).

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