Mount Ophir

It took us about 30 mins to reach CP3 – Laluan Kijang from CP2. From CP3, the usual route is to proceed towards CP7 via CP5, KFC and CP6. As we were short of time (it is recommended to start the climb before 830 am so as to reach back park office before dark), our guide took another route which bypassed CP5, KFC and CP6 direct to CP7. We totally bypassed KFC (between  Sungai Segi Tiga and Gua Kambing) which is the steepest part of the trail. On average the usual route (via CP5, KFC and CP6) from the starting point to the summit will take about 5 hrs. By the alternative route, we reached the summit within 4 hrs. However this route is considered less scenic than the usual one. We took about 2 hrs to reach CP7 – Bukit Botak (last resting point before the summit) from CP3. Some of us who had climb Ophir before felt that this shortcut is less strenuous to climb than the usual route. At CP7, we didn’t seee any signboard indicating its location. I also didn’t take any photograph of the resting point. Hence no photograph of CP7 to show here.

There are one or two streams along the way where you can replenish your water supply. Water sources located up in the mountain (above CP5) are usually clean and safe enough to drink without boiling or filtration (one of us tried it without side effect). To avoid the hassle of water replenishment, you should carry at least 2 litres of water for the whole climb.

Our trip was on the 21th of July which coincided with the second day of Muslim Ramadan. Pang was on fasting and he finished the climb without any food and drink. Even though we were late for the climb, he did not show any sign of impatience or annoyance. Kudos to his professionalism! We took about 45 mins to reach the summit from CP7.

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