Mount Ophir

We chartered a Malaysia registered van to bring us from Singapore to Ophir. The van picked us up at Serangoon MRT Station at 630am (the pick up time was actually 530am, it was late for an hour) and it reached Ophir around 9am. The distance from Singapore to Ophir is about 210 km. Normally, it takes more than 3 hrs to reach Ophir from Singapore (including time for customs clearance). The driver was speeding continuously  at 120-13o km/hr along Malaysia highway. It was quite a nerve racking ride for us.

Taman Hutan Lagenda is managed by Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang. In the past, visitors had to drive through a palm oil estate for some distance before reaching it. Recently a talmac road was built to connect it directly  to the main road (Malaysia Federal Route 23). The climber registration office is just directly in front of the entrance.

All climbers are required to fill up a form to declare the items that they carry with them for the climb. At the end of the climb, climbers have to show the declared items to the ranger to prove that they did not throw or leave them in the mountain. After the registration, all of us gathered in front of our mountain guide Pang for safety and ground rules briefing. The registration and briefing took less than 30 mins to complete. We started the climb around 945 am. The starting point of the trail is a flight of 500 plus staircases after which is mountain trail (with some boulder climbing) all the way to the summit. It took us about 20 mins to reach CP1 – Bukit Semput from the trail starting point. It took us about 20 mins to reach CP2 – Batu Orkid from CP1.

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