Mount Ophir

Mount Ophir also known as Gunung Ledang is located in Gunung Ledang National Park. The summit is located between the border of Muar and Melaka. Standing at 1276 m, it is the highest peak in Johor and 64th tallest mountain Malaysia (including Sabah and Sarawak). It is possibly the most climb mountain in the Malaysia.

The main trail from Johor side is the Lagenda Trail (a.k.a Sagil Trail due to its proximity to Sagil Village). The starting point of Lagenda Trail is at Taman Hutan Lagenda (park office with accomodation facilities). There are altogether 7 checkpoints before the summit. CP1 – Bukit Semput, CP2 Batu Orkid, CP3 – Laluan Kijang, CP 4 – Kolam Gajah (Elephant Pool), CP5 -Sungai Tiga Segi (Triangle River), CP6 Gua Kambing (Goat cave), CP7 Bukit Botak. There are also some climbers who start from Gunung Ledang Resort (about 5 min drive away from Taman Hutan Lagenda). If you start from  Taman Hutan Lagenda, you will bypass CP4. A short distance from CP3 is a T-junction whereby the right route leads to CP4 and the left route leads to CP5. After CP3, it is downhill all the way to CP5. The most exciting and challenging part of the trail starts from CP5 onwards with average slope more than 40 degrees (my own estimate). There are permanent ladders and ropes along this part of the trail to assist climbers. The steepest part of the climb called “KFC” is between CP5 and CP6. Some people believe the acronym stands for “Killer for Climber”. You will be climbing on all fours and utilising all your body muscles to scale up this section!

The main trail from Melaka side is the Asahan Trail. The trail starts besides the Asahan waterwork near Asahan village.  Similar to the Lagenda Trail, there is also a park office at the beginning of the trail.  All climbers need to register at the park office before the climb. The great majority of climbers scaled the summit via the Lagenda Trail. One of the reasons why Asahan route is less popular is due to its inaccessibility as compared to the way through Lagenda. Asahan is 24 km from the major town of Tangkak whereas Sagil is less than 10km from Tangkak. However Asahan Trail is shorter, less steep and wider than Lagenda Trail. I had climbed Ophir via both trails before. I would say that Lagenda Trail is much more challenging and interesting than Sagil.

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