Mount Kinabalu

The whole length of the Low’s Peak Circuit is 1.2 km which consists of 600 m of ferrata route, 300 m of forest trekking and another 300 m of ferrata route. Don’t be deceived by the short length of the circuit. We started the descend via Ferrata at 810 am and reached the end of the circuit at 1245 pm, without much rest in between. It is a very strenuous activity (even for people who exercises regularly) which works every muscle in your body for you have to pull yourself towards the cliff walls and balance yourself against the steep slope. There are three “fear-obstacles” along the way; a suspension bridge and a three-ropes bridge before the forest trekking and a two-ropes bridge after the forest tracking.

We were utterly exhausted, hungry and thirsty when we reached the circuit endpoint (Penchant Hut is still another 500 m away). It was demoralizing to be reminded that we needed to hike 6 km more before catching the bus back to Kota Kinabalu from the park HQ. We returned to Penchant Hut for some rest and refreshment before commencing the hike again.

Our trek down was accompanied by incessant rain which never stopped even after we reached Kota Kinabalu. Going downslope though not as strenuous as going upslope is more torturous, especially on the knees. We left Penchant Hut at 2 pm and reached Timpohon Gate at 7 pm.

We were the last one to leave the gate on that day. The poor gatekeeper had to wait for us to reach before closing for the day. The mini-van dropped us at the park HQ to collect the rest of our luggages and certificates (summit and ferrata ^^), before sending us back to our hotel in Kota Kinabalu. They provided packed dinner (fried rice with egg) for us to eat in the mini-van. We finally reached back hotel around 10 pm.

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