Mount Kinabalu

We signed up for Via Ferrata (Low’s Peak Circuit) with Mountain Torq. Climbers who signed up for the Ferrata activities will be arranged to stay at the Penchant Hut –  a basic non-heated dormitory w/o hot shower. All Ferrata particiants have to attend a mandatory indoor pre-activity briefing session to familiarise themselves with the equipments and routes.

After the briefing, we went down to the restaurant in Laban Rata Resthouse for buffet dinner (part of the tour package). The buffet dinner was more of a marketing gimmick considering that you would probably experience a loss of appetite due to the high altitude. For fear of cold shower, we used wet tissues and pickly heat powder to clean ourselves before going to bed.

Day 3 – Summit Climb

We woke up at 230 am and embarked on the climb at 315 am after a quick breakfast of bread toasts and coffee. We had to climb with headlamps as it was very dark. It took us 45 min to clear the first 500 m to reach the 6.5 km mark and another 55 min to reach Sayat Sayat, which is slightly further down the 7 km mark. At Sayat Sayat there is checkpoint where climbers are required to produce their climbing permit before allow to proceed further. We reached the summit at 625 am; just after sunrise.

The distance from Laban Rata to the summit is about 2.7 km. The intitial 700 metres is via rocky steep stairs and steps. The next 2 km takes place over large granite slab surfaces. The trail is marked by guide ropes, which also can be used as a form of climbing aid, all the way to the summit.

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