Mount Kinabalu

The trail is generally very wide, well marked and well defined. Along the way, there are only a couple of split trails where clear direction signs are available. It is almost impossible for anyone to get lost, which means you do not really need any guide to direct you up to Laban Rata. In fact our guide was well behind us all the way and we didn’t see sight of him till Laban Rata. The trail is mostly rocky and dry (its not muddy even when it rains) and upslope all the way to Laban Rata.

There is not much scenery along the way for the trail is surrounded with tall vegetations on both sides. Animal sightings are not common but we managed to see two hornbills and some squirrels. We were given packed lunch by our guide at the park HQ which we carried in our daypacks. We stopped a while for lunch at Layang Layang Shelter about 4 km from Timpohon Gate.

We reached Laban Rata (aka Laban Rata Resthouse) at 150 pm after 4 hrs of continuous upslope walking. Our dormitory – Penchant Hut is another 100 m uphill from Laban Rata Resthouse.

Below table shows our hiking progress from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata:

Checkpoint Distance / km Altitude / m Time Reached / hr
Timpohon Gate 0.0 1,866 09:43
2 0.5 1,935 09:50
3 1.0 2,039 10:04
4 1.5 2,164 10:19
5 2.0 2,252 10:32
6 2.5 2,350 10:53
7 3.0 2,455 11:07
8 3.5 2,634 11:34
9 4.0 2,745 12:11
10 4.5 2,898 12:38
11 5.0 3,001 13:02
12 5.5 3,137 13:29
Laban Rata 6.0 3,314 13:50

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