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The jetty also serves ferries to the Sibu group of islands like Sibu Besar, Sibu Tengah and Tinggi Island. There is a carpark managed by Wilson Parking beside the jetty. Some Singaporeans actually self-drive to the jetty from Singapore. The mini-bus dropped us at the jetty and drove off (the kelong operator actually outsourced the land transport to a bus operator). We were approached by one of the kelong staff who directed us to the ticket booth to buy the jetty entrance ticket (RM4 pax).

There was a canteen and a KFC restaurant (tucked in one corner) beside the jetty. The ferry was a closed deck one with life jackets provided (though most passengers didn’t bother to wear them). The ferry journey was about 30 min. The deck of the kelong is higher than of the ferry. One has to climb a steep wooden staircase to board the kelong from the ferry. Elderly visitors will need extra help to board the kelong especially at low tide or choppy condition.

The kelong is very big (bigger than 2 basketball courts). Open deck corridors surround the four corners of the kelong.  There are a few toilet-cum-bathroom beside the corridor. The closed deck of the kelong is divided into a few quarters; dining, kitchen (off-limit to visitors), sleeping and TV/KTV.

The sleeping quarters consist of double decker beds laid out beside one another in close proximity – a bit like POW camps. It is of a communal living type. For light sleepers, better bring earplugs along, lest be awaken by other people’s snoring.

Notice the black cylindrical water tanks behind the bathroom and the portable toilet bowl in the bathroom. Everyday, a boat from mainland will deliver water (for drinking and washing) to the kelong. The kelong worker will use a in-house water pump to transfer the water from the boat to the water tanks on board. There is no hot shower on board. I reckon there is no better conducive place to relieve your bladder than the kelong’s toilet.

We reached the kelong around 1130 am just in time for lunch. The portion of food served was just nice for a table of 10 pax. The dishes which included fish and prawn were delicious amd fresh. Interestingly, the seafood was not caught from the kelong but bought from the fishing boats which bypassed the kelong every morning. Fishing enthusiasts can either bring their own gears or rent them from the kelong. You can also try squid fishing at night.

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