HotBoys Kelong

Hotboys Kelong is situated beside Pulau Sibu about  15 km off the eastern coast of Penisular Malaysia. The nearest jetty to the kelong is Tanjung Leman Jetty, which is just off Kota Tinggi and before Mersing. The kelong is no longer used for its original purpose of fish farming/fishing, but is converted into a hoilday resort for fishing enthusiasts and families or friends seeking some rustic place for chilling out and relaxation. There are fishing rods, tackles and baits available on board. Other activities include mahjong, carom, pool, karaoke, island hopping etc. There are drinking water, sleeping accomodation, toilets and bathrooms on board. Meals which come with fresh seafoods are provided by the kelong. Most of the activities including island hopping and meals are included in the package price. Perhaps the only time hoildayers need to fork out money on board is to buy soft drinks which are excluded from the package but selling at a reasonable price.


Day 1

0630 hrs: Picked up by the mini-bus at taxi stand beside Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall (We actually arranged with the kelong operator for two pick-up points; Nex followed by Woodlands MRT station.)

0915 hrs: Reached Tanjung Leman Jetty (We missed the first ferry which departed from the jetty around 9 am. We had to wait till 11 am for the next ferry. We should have started off earlier from Singapore to catch the first ferry.)

1100 hrs:  Boarded the ferry to the kelong

1130 hrs: Reached kelong

1200 hrs: Lunch (Lunch was sumptuous with 5 dishes and 1 soup. 10 pax to one dining table.)

1300 – 1530 hrs: OTOT (Own time own target)

1530 hrs: Island hopping via speedboat (We only visited Sibu Besar Island which is the biggest island among the Sibu group of islands.)

1545 – 1900 hrs: OTOT in the island (We were “trapped” in the island for an hour plus because the propeller of the speedboat was entangled in a discarded fishing net. It took the crews  a lot of effort to disentangle the propeller from the net.)

1915 hrs – Reached back Kelong

1930 hrs – Dinner  (Lunch was sumptuous with 5 dishes and 1 soup. 10 pax to one dining table.)

2200 hrs – Supper (Fried noodles and red bean soup)

After dinner, one group of hoildayers was preparing Kong Ming Deng  (which they brought in from mainland) to be lit and set off to the sky. They invited us to join them in the fun and gave us a few Kong Ming Deng to play with.

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning to see sun rise. After sun rise, went back to sleep again=)

0800 hrs: Breakfast (Fried vermicelli with lunchean meat, fish fillet etc.)

1200 hrs: Lunch (Lunch was sumptuous with 5 dishes and 1 soup. 10 pax to one dining table.)

1400 hrs: Boarded ferry back to mainland

1530 hrs: Boarded minibus back to Singapore (There were some hiccup in the transport arrangement. We waited for an hour for the minibus to come to pick us up.)

1800 hrs: Reached back Singapore (The driver dropped us at  woodlands MRT followed by Nex Shopping Mall.)

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