Gunung Panti

It's not a school. It's the entrance to the crocodile farm

It’s not a school. It’s the entrance to the crocodile farm

After bathing, our dirver drove us straight to Taman Buaya (Crocodile Farm) in Teluk Sengat – a small town situated along the Johor River bank. The farm was really very big with hundreds of big and small crocodiles. The farm entrance fee was RM10 pax. We paid an additional RM10 for 3 chickens to see crocodile feeding.

Baby crocodile

Baby crocodile

Crocodile skull

Treat from us

Treat from us

RM10 for 3 chickens! I thought it was a deal until i saw the chickens. Real dead, smelly and almost rotten. Trick from me: if you visit the farm, let other groups buy the chickens so that you can watch free crocodile feeding=) Dun be like me, i paid for others to watch as well. See so many people in the photo, i don’t know them.

Visitors were not allowed to feed the crocodiles themselves. All feedings were done by the farm’s workers.

Where is my dentures!

Where is my dentures!

There were many old crocodiles. This one without any teeth was about 125 years old.

I'm not fat. I'm pregnant

I’m not fat. I’m pregnant

Close shave

Close shave

The toughest survive

The toughest survive

Dun be deceived by the calmness - hundreds of them underneath

Dun be deceived by the calmness – hundreds of them underneath

We spent about an hour in the farm. After which we went to a local restaurant for dinner. We patronised a restaurant recommended by a staff (English speaking Chinese aunty in her early sixties) of the farm. She claimed that it was the best zi cha in town. Later it turned out to be a halah restaurant in disguise of a Chinese zi cha stall. The restaurant was ran by Malays and the cooks were all Malays. The food was so so, definitely not the best in town. We were shocked when the same Chinese aunty turned up to collect the dinner bill from us. Hmm…if you happen to visit the farm, remember to look out for this “entrepreneur” aunty.

View of Johor River from the jetty of Teluk Sengat

View of Johor River from the jetty of Teluk Sengat

After dinner, we rushed back to Kota Tinggi town for the firefly river cruise.

Firefly river cruise

Firefly river cruise

There are a number of firefly river cruise operators in Kota Tinggi town. All of them are located along the bank of Johor River. The cruise is quite popular so it is advisable to make a telephone booking a few days prior. The first cruise departs aound 730 pm. It lasts for 45 mins and costs RM20 pax. The boat has a sitting capacity of 40 pax.

The boat will venture upstream into the mangrove swamp areas where the fireflies reside. Upon reaching the fireflies zone, the boatman will throttle down the boat engine and crusie slowly around the area. From a distance the fireflies look like miniature flashing LEDs on mangrove trees, producing a christmas tree effect.

We ended this trip with the firefly river crusie and reached back Singapore Customs around 1030 pm.

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  1. Yovita says:

    May I have the contact for the local guide? Thank you

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    Hi, I am looking for a local guide up to Kota tinggi for a group of 20 of us. Just a day trip up and down, and transportation from Singapore to Kota tinggi, from kota tinggi to desaru. Thank you!

  3. Low Ee Pei says:

    Can email me the contact of the guide?

    There will be 12 of us going for the trip to kota tinggi in 2 weeks time.

  4. chpoon says:

    Hi , is it possible to share with me the contact of local guide ?

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    Would it be possible for me to get the guide contact? Or can I ask how much he charged?

    Thank you!

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    Hi, can I have the contact of the guide and information of charges? Thank you.

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    you may contact for guide

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