Gunung Panti

The summit of Gunung Panti is a huge and flat open field, with ample space for camping. Upon reaching the summit, the first thing we did was to look out for leeches on our bodies. We took a quick bite for lunch and quickly embarked on our descend as the sky was turning dark.

It started to rain cats and dogs not long after we left the summit. The sky looked clear in the morning. I though that it would not rain so i left my poncho in the vehicle. I ended up drenched and cold because of my laziness to carry another 400g for the hike. All of us were drenched to the skin. Our guide gave us a ride on his 4WD to the Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort which was just 10 mins ride away. We didn’t took our chartered mini-bus so as not to dirty it with our muddy shoes and wet clothes.

The waterfall was located within the Resort. To enter the resort, we had to pay an entrance fee of RM10 pax plus another RM10 for the vehicle. Actually we were not so interested in the waterfall.  We just wanted to use the toilets inside the resort for showering. It was quite expensive; the entrance fee to Singapore public swimming pool was only S$1.30 on weekend. The waterfall which consists of two tiers was quite powerful. However the tourist horde, stalls  and litters around the area greatly spoilt its natural beauty. The toilets were quite disappointing (actually we expected it). The shower flow was weak. There was actually no proper shower head. The water outlet was from an open-end pipe above our heads.

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