River Abseiling, Rafting and Caving in Gopeng

The total length of the cave is more than 3km long but only 1.9km of it is accessible to public. The cave contains an underground river of 1.6km in length and 5 giant caverns with a maximum height of 90m (> 20 story high). Interestingly the cave is managed by a private company called APT Consortium and you have to sign up one of their four available tours  to visit the cave. We took the longest tour called Grand Tour which is a complete loop journey of 3.8km from the cave entrance and back via the five giant caverns and underground river. The Grand Tour which took us more than 3 hrs to complete, cost only RM 22 pax.

Main entrance to the cave complex

Main entrance to the cave complex

It's really a big cave

It’s really a big cave

The first half of the cave trail which is dry (this section is actually above the underground river) has been developed as a show cave with tungsten lighting and proper walkways and staircase. The level of lighting was just right; revealing its sheer size and details without damping its mystique. The cave was a tin mining site during the heydays of tin mining in malaysia. You can still see some tin mining implements in the cave.

Stone inscription by past miners

Stone inscription by past miners

The second half of the cave trail was equally interesting but much more physically demanding. It was pitch dark deep inside the cave and all of us have to wear headlamps provided by the cave management to find our paths. We did all sort of manoeuvres; sliding down slope, scrambling up slope, squeezing through crevices, duck-walking under low ceilings and even waded through waters. Many times, we have to walk in the river (banks were non-existent or very narrow) whose level varied from from ankle to waist level deep. According to the guide, during heavy rain seasons, the water level can be above chest.

Mr Ray sliding down the slope

Mr Ray sliding down the slope

Squeezing through crevice

Squeezing through crevice

Not yet finished, still have to detour to the starting point

Not yet finished, we still have to detour back to the starting point

It was already noon by the time we completed the whole circuit. We settled our lunch at the small food stalk beside the ticketing booth and then return to Adeline’s Villa for shower followed by room check-out. Our guide gave us a ride to Ipoh where we took the Electric Train Service (ETS) to Kuala Lumpur and followed by an overnight KTM train back to Singapore.

 Video Clip 

River Abseiling:

River Rafting:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Lim Lok ching says:

    I’m interested in the white water rafting, abseiling and caving adventure. We are looking for this kind of adventure. Approximately there are 5 of us. We are all from Ipoh. Can you provides us the price list per pax for this adventure. Are there a different of pricing if we choose to do it during the weekday or weekend.
    Please advise

    Coco lim

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